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So you've made it to the Fleen Shoppe, Eh?

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3rd July 2009

rosefox8:31pm: Anyone want an old Buck's Rock t-shirt?
After many years of holding on to my beloved Buck's Rock shirts, I'm cleaning out my closet, and I think it's time to bid them farewell. I'd like to give the shirts away to Rockers who might wear them more often than I do. Here's what I have:

MuShed '91 (pink: Raffi & co., "In my office - NOW!") -- tag missing, assume size M
Buck's Rock '98 (black outline filled with green: tree, people, flowers) -- XL (I have two of these)
Video '98 (black: cyborg with a video camera) -- M
Pub '99 (red: naked staff CENSORED) -- XL
Video '99 (black: clapper with staff names) -- XL

All are in very good condition (even the '91 one!) other than a fair amount of cat hair that can easily be laundered away.

If you want one, drop me an email: rosejasperfox+shirts@gmail.com
Current Mood: hopeful

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8th February 2006

shadowedhaven6:34pm: Haha!

Studio 59 JC, bitches!!

And I plan on REVOLUTIONIZING the way the campers interact with the Studio!! (you know... as in... make it BETTER.)

Be Afeard. Be Very Afeard.

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15th November 2005

superclown18604:13pm: question...
this is probably a stupid question, but what's the info for the reunion? like, when is it, where is it? stuff like that...

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8th October 2005

superclown18608:50pm: ok
so, who has gotten their applications 4 next summer? because i believe my mother lost it, but i dont know, and i dont wanna email them and ask for another one and then it comes the next day. because that happens with nearly every school thing ever. the mailman dusnt freekin know where my house is...

Current Mood: where is that app??

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superclown186010:46am: hello everyone, its isaac
its isaaC g, i just found this place. hi everyone! wats up?

Current Mood: yay i found fleen shoppe

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11th September 2005

celadon_stone12:01am: hey all...it's nicole from ceramics (or cermamics, as the office might have it)
i just found this groupthing 'cause i'm slow at the livejournal game - but it's nice to be here!
talk to you all soon...and see you at reunion!
lots o' love,

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