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Anyone want an old Buck's Rock t-shirt?

After many years of holding on to my beloved Buck's Rock shirts, I'm cleaning out my closet, and I think it's time to bid them farewell. I'd like to give the shirts away to Rockers who might wear them more often than I do. Here's what I have:

MuShed '91 (pink: Raffi & co., "In my office - NOW!") -- tag missing, assume size M
Buck's Rock '98 (black outline filled with green: tree, people, flowers) -- XL (I have two of these)
Video '98 (black: cyborg with a video camera) -- M
Pub '99 (red: naked staff CENSORED) -- XL
Video '99 (black: clapper with staff names) -- XL

All are in very good condition (even the '91 one!) other than a fair amount of cat hair that can easily be laundered away.

If you want one, drop me an email:
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